Send 5 star bakery cakes to India

There are always some reasons that you would need to send 5 star bakery cakes to India to your friends,family and other loved ones within India. You can choose your favroute or your loved ones favroute cake form our huge 5 star cake store on FlowerOnline Delivery and we will ensure that it is delivered on time. These can be sent for weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and for any other reason. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the cake you order from a local location will be delivered when we can take care of it and guarantee delivery.
5 star fruits cakes
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Vanilla Cake- 5 star
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Black forest Cake - 5 Star
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Blueberry Cake - 5 Star
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Dark Chocolate Cake - 5 Star
₹ 2695 | $ 41.77

Black Forest 5-star Cake
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Five Star heart shape chocolates Cakes
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

White Forest Cake - 5 Star
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

fresh 5 star fruits cakes.
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Chocolate Cake - 5 Star
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

5 star Mango Cake
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

Butterscotch Cake 5 Star Bakery
₹ 2495 | $ 38.67

5 Star chocolate truffle cake
₹ 2595 | $ 40.22

What Are Client Say

buy 5 star bakery cakes to India

When you place the order to buy 5 star bakery cakes to India, we will ensure that the order is placed with the bakery. We have a good option when it comes to tiered cakes, if you need one, for a wedding or other fancy occasion. It is a fruit covered delicacy that is gorgeous to look at and people would not want to eat it because it looks so good. It has 2 tiers and it is covered with white frosting and plenty of seasonal fruit, including oranges, bananas, grapes,strawberries,pineapple and other fresh berries.This is a great item that anyone would love, so go ahead and order it so that we can have the honour of delivering it for you.

5 star bakery cakes delivery in India

Even the 5 star bakery cakes delivery in India make simple cakes, which are perfect for nearly every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and more. You can pick from a wide variety of flavours, such as black forest, chocolate, blueberry and vanilla and they come in various sizes and design. Depending on your needs, you can order a 1 kg or 2 kg cake and they also come with beauiful decoration. You can go one step ahead and place the order and let us take care of making sure that it is delivered in one piece to your friends, family and other loved ones without worrying.

Same day 5 star cakes delivery in India

We can also handle same day 5 star cakes delivery in India, so go ahead and place the required order. We have a wide selection of cakes that you can choose from, including tiered ones and simple ones, so pick the one that your family will love. Let us take care of everything so that your family knows that you are thinking of them, regardless of where you are in the world on the special day. To make some one happy is not need to gift expensive things sometimes, you can send this 5 star cake.

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